The Fanlisting

Welcome to the TFA-approved fanlisting for the website! is the largest online database for visual kei bands in English. If you're looking for other bands a bandman you like was in, current v-kei news, to log your CD collection, or just to stare at photos, has something for you.

It's a great site, so if you're a fan too you should go ahead and join!

Before you join, here are some ground rules to follow:

  • Give a valid (real) country
  • Give a valid (nick)name for yourself. I will alter within reason:
    • sTiCkY cApZ will be changed into Sticky Caps.
    • xXxTIGER234xXx will be changed into Tiger.
    • etc
  • If there's any hateful or pornographic content on your site, I won't link to it.

Ready to join now? Grab a code if you have a website and sign up!

The current fans are...

Lindsay from USA // www , @
Sigmund from Australia // www , @

Here are the codes - you don't have to put a link back to have your website listed, but it's highly appreciated.

Please join the webring while you're here!

This fanlisting was last updated on September 15, 2023.
We currently have 2 fans. Our newest is Lindsay!
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